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Stainless Steel Material Layering Spreader Receiver Semi-Rotary Hopper See Info

  • Condition: Used
  • Brand: N/A
  • Model:
  • MPN: N/A
  • Country of Manufacture: N/A
  • hopper is on a Quarter Turn Semi-Rotary Actuator air actuated and the stroke is adjustable
  • hopper is 14" in diameter at its widest and 24-3/4" long
  • Large area to receive material, mounted on bracket at an angle to encourage material to move
  • hopper oscillates, non vibrating
  • believed to oscillate back and forth to feed material evenly onto a moving conveyor to give an even layer of material
  •  has approx. 34" sweep
  • bracket is bolted to hopper so any modifications will be easy
  • only electric on here is the proximity sensor
  • was used in a laboratory environment